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Trauma Traffic 


Digital Photography with glazed ceramic


A photographic collage of glazed ceramic Buco portal. As previously mentioned, holes have become the peculiarity and extension of the Fat Lady Monster Hero Goddess. They are the wounds that allow their power. Through these portals, exchange happens between the inside and the outside. There is traffic from one condition to the next, smuggling  through the wound. Parts of these holes, in my paintings, installations and ceramic pieces have glitter on them. This is because I enjoy dressing up the wounds-Buchi celebratively, highlighting ‘trauma’ in a playful matter.

Fiore in Buco 


Glazed ceramics


This sculpture is composed by two different glazed ceramic pieces, one symbolizing a feminine parental character, the other one its masculine counterpart. The aim of the narrative generated by their interaction is subversive of the binary physical interaction between men and women. In this work, the round and bottomless masculine subject welcomes the feminine partner inside one of its apertures, while the feminine, recalling the structure of a Lily flower, sits on top of it. Given its hard substance matter, the manifesting female object also functions as a cup-basket, the first tool prehistorically created to allow survival. I am aware this narrative is not transparent in the encounter of the work, but I find this hidden story of interaction to be the secret infused within the objects.

Buchi and Fat Lady Talismans 


Glazed Ceramics


These are different examples of my ceramic Buchi (holes) and Fat lady talismans from my last solo show. They are positioned on top of a white table cloth as tableware from a staged meal. This proposition is directly related to the film performance that was shown in front of it. Echoing that idea of eating that we are accustomed to and sometimes perceive as an ideal comfort zone: domestic rituals, in this case, eating and watching. In this figurative dining front of a screen, the audience encounters Pasto Assolto, a video performance which for many results in an unsettling narrative.

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