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Dora Perini (b. 1995) is an Italian multidisciplinary artist based in London. She has been shaped by pieces in tension, both as an artist and as a person, gleaned during a delocalized upbringing between NYC, Ohio, Rome, Milan and London. These diverse surroundings have solicited questions of radical care, body politics, food consumption and art activism. She has been in a structural and intimate conversation with abject bodies, unfolding explicitly political urgencies and counterintuitive narrations: intrinsic engines of her image production.

Dora has studied photography at the Italian institute of Photography, she graduated from a BAFA at Central Saint Martins. She's now pursuing her postgraduate studies at Royal College of Arts.

She has also worked as photographer, creative director and casting director in commercial projects for Italian emerging and established brands. These experiences trained her in the commitment to large-scale projects, developing management skills while providing a broader understanding of current audience reception.

Ultimately Perini’s practice creates a dimension in which our contemporary relationships to food, trauma and the body get exposed and reconsidered through surrealistic rituals and assembled symbols. Her pieces range from photographic to sculptural and performative work, establishing a dialogue between mediums and concepts: new space for questioning taboos and reimagining- collectively.


2022 - 23 RCA master London

2020 - 22 CSM BAFA London 

2019 - 20 Kingston Foundation London 

2018 - 19 IIF (Istituto Italiano di Fotografia) Milano

2019 Toni Thorimbert fashion experience workshop 


2017 - 18 IED Milano 

2016 Villa dei Tigli (hospitalization) Padova

2015 - 16 John Cabot University Roma

2014 - 18 High School diploma Ohio 

1995 born NYC 

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