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Blood Cloth Serie

Photography 2021


Installation view

Fuori Biennale, Venice 2022

This work is an assemblage of elements gathered and made at different stages of my evolving practice. The metal structure comes from Organi Interni; it functions as a skeleton and catalyzer of the wound-fat lady-portal. A metal meta bone-door vessel, evoking the fat lady and drawing the perimeter to the opening of her magic portals. The production was like assembling the opposite of an armor, a parallel: extreme openness instead of a sealed protective shield.

In this Fat Lady episode, she is in the send and the soil and the plants, specifically chosen for their healing powers. She is growing through the structure, evading it, contaminating surroundings suddenly. The installation was exhibited at the Laguna Festival of Venice, an off Biennale event, where the audience was invited to engage with the work by entering its space, mindful of their traces on the send and, therefore the alteration of the inner environment -self through it.

The eggs, a symbol of fertility but also of the potential intersection between life and death, are also in this installation quail eggs, because of their smaller appearance, their whispering presence, but mostly because of their black figurative spots, a variety of symbolic dark markings, maps of imagined wounds.

The plants grow out of the soil into different positions, some together, some alone, some the same, some different. They recreate the arcipelago in the way an astrological constellation would spread through space.

Sick Shitting Puppy

2019, Analog Photography

Aren't we all sick shitting puppies

2022, Installation view, reflective distorted mirrors and blue print

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